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Are you feeling the strain of leading a team that seems disconnected despite your best efforts? You're not alone.

Gallup's research reveals a startling truth: even the most prominent organizations struggle to foster a unified culture. This disconnection persists despite well-intentioned mission statements aimed at rallying employees around a common goal.

If you're nodding along, recognizing the challenges of aligning your team's efforts and spirits, you've arrived at a pivotal moment. It's time to shift the narrative and pave the way for a transformative team culture.

You've probably witnessed firsthand the symptoms of a disengaged team: dwindling productivity, a revolving door of talent, and a palpable lack of enthusiasm. It's a frustrating reality that leaves you questioning if a truly cohesive and motivated team is just a myth.

Enter Dr. Katie Ervin's expert insights. Drawing from her extensive research on employee motivation and workplace satisfaction, Dr. Katie unveils the roadmap to a workplace where each team member is intrinsically motivated, fiercely loyal, and remarkably productive.

Imagine learning that roadmap in less than an hour.

Our training, How to Build a Pot of Gold Team, is your golden ticket. For just $37, you'll gain invaluable knowledge on fostering autonomy, bridging generational gaps, and crafting personalized growth plans that resonate deeply with your employees. Plus, as a special bonus, you'll receive our "Growth Guide" PDF worksheet, an essential tool for guiding growth conversations with your team.

Unlock the Treasure: The Golden Perks of Building Your Dream Team

Elevate Employee Engagement

Transform your workplace into one where every team member is genuinely excited to contribute.

Harmonize Generational Dynamics

Master the art of leading a multigenerational team with tailored approaches that resonate with everyone.

Foster Authentic Growth

Develop growth plans that not only support your company's objectives but also fulfill your employees' individual career aspirations.

What people are saying

"This training was was so eye-opening to me. They shared some valuable information on working with different generations, working styles and how as a leader, I can empower them and work with them to make our team the best team possible. I learned how I can use my leadership style to complement their skills and working styles to help everyone on our team be the best! I was so grateful for this training--it's definitely allowed me to take a step back and think about how I can be a better leader! Thank you Catalyst Development for always offering such valuable trainings!"

β€” Brittany Leathers

"Dr. Katie Ervin and the CATALYST team do organizational training better than most. I've attended many of their seminars and they're uniquely standalone but clearly build on a framework backed by data, research, and professional experience. I can't speak highly enough!"

β€” Haley Weatherford

"I really enjoyed the Lunch & Learn on employee engagement and building a team. It helped reassure that we're on the right track at my organization and doing a lot of great things such as personalized career development plans. But I also learned new information to help us continue strengthening our culture and increasing employee engagement."

β€” Laura Wagner

Don’t let another day pass with your team operating below its potential. The path to a "Pot of Gold" team is within reach. With immediate access to this training, you can start making tangible improvements in your team culture today.


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