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Ignite your leadership.

Empower your transition.

Elevate your impact.

Are you navigating the shift from a stellar employee to a manager of people, and feeling the weight of leadership on your shoulders? 

Are you determined to not just manage but inspire, lead people, and drive amazing results in your new role?

Do you aspire to cultivate a thriving team culture, master crucial conversations, and become a leader known for resilience and agility?

Are you ready to not just survive but thrive in your leadership journey, armed with practical skills and a unique leadership philosophy?

Are you seeking a dynamic program that not only equips you with tools but also provides a growth guide for becoming an influential mentor?

Join us in SUPERVISOR 101.

What our clients say

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This is the first leadership program I've participated in that did excellent teaching us to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Thank you!

— Madison Ross

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Our team has really benefited from Dr. Ervin's training and the psychological safety (acceptance) has been really beneficial to our team. 

— Lynn Parman

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Katie has an authenticity and genuine approach to teaching leadership and practical life skills. She leaves a lasting impact on those around her, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

— Quincy King

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Pre-Work Asssessment
    • RESOURCE: Report Out Sheet
  • 2
    Week 1: From Super Employee to Supervisor
    • Leader vs. Manager
    • Leadership and Followership
    • Finding Your Voice
    • Understanding Your Path to Leadership
    • Toolkit
  • 3
    Week 2: Your Role As a Leader
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Managing Up
    • Delegation
    • Toolkit
  • 4
    Week 3: Your Role in Creating Strong Teams
    • Psychological Safety
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Breaking Down Silos
    • Generations
    • Toolkit
  • 5
    Week 4: Having Difficult Conversations and Accountability
    • Growth Mindset
    • Importance of Kindness
    • Difficult Conversations
    • Cooperation
    • Toolkit
    • Post-Work Assessment

Dr. Katie Ervin

With over two decades of experience in human resources, organizational development, and executive coaching, Dr. Katie is a seasoned expert in guiding professionals through crucial career transitions. She knows the challenges that people face when stepping into leadership roles. As an executive coach, Dr. Katie has empowered countless leaders to navigate the complexities of management, fostering environments of growth and success.

Author of the Amazon #1 New Release in Human Resources, You Might Be an Asshole… But It Might Not Be Your Fault! and host of the podcast The Path to Leadership, Dr. Katie brings a refreshing and candid perspective to leadership development.

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